STEVIE SOUL is an award winning vocal entertainer, and multimedia artist who is known for his ability to perform the sounds of hundreds of musical instruments in perfect harmony. He’s achieved national acclaim for his appearance in H&R Block’s “Never Settle Campaign” as well as his featured story in USA Today. Currently, Stevie is a contributing writer at CBS Detroit and his monthly street photography blog PPL Watching is featured on Local 4. 

Stevie Soul performs several genres of music, ranging from his signature Funk and Soul sound to improvised covers of Top 40 music. Stevie Soul sings over his looped and layered beatbox sets to create full musical productions live on stage. He’s performed with the likes of Whitney Cummings, Cody Simpson, George Watsky, Jeff Bass & Kevin O'leary.

Through the creation of his own “Music & Movement” curriculum, Stevie Soul has been able to share his talents with youth organizations across his hometown of Detroit. He’s worked closely with such organizations as The College for Creative StudiesY-Arts of the YMCA & The Quicken Loans Family of Companies.

Stevie’s genuine love and passion for the arts transcends through all of his projects. His diverse style and positive message has attracted followers of all ages and backgrounds across the globe.

Early Life

During his childhood in Michigan, Stevie struggled with a severe stuttering disability that prevented him from communicating with his peers. Stevie tried to speak but strange sounds came out instead. He eventually transformed these sounds into polished beatbox sets which he performed for family and friends. This became his unique way of expressing himself and, through his newfound talent, he overcame his speaking disability on his own.

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