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In an effort to spotlight the unique beauty of Detroit, Bedrock and Library Street Collective teamed up to invite 27 artists from around the world to come here and, with fresh eyes, respond creatively to the city. The positive experiences that these artists share here are part of a new narrative and conversation that is beginning. Artists, with their ability to share their work through social media and with a global population of friends and peers, have become modern versions of artistic town criers, telling new and different tales of our city.

Throughout history, all peoples have proudly celebrated the creative and artistic endeavors of their cultures, because art stands as witness to the best of mankind in action.

When art is injected into the urban architectural environment, the structures becomes more than static monuments to mankind's ingenuity; they become living, breathing messages of our passion. Through art's timeless witness, messages of wonder and hope can be sent out to present and future citizens of our city.

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