NBC: Detroit artist completes year-long beat boxing challenge

DETROIT - Detroit artist Stevie Soul set out to complete one major challenge in 2016: Post a beat boxing video every single day.

365 (366 with the leap year) later, Stevie is reflecting on a mission accomplished.

The polished beat boxer has been performing around the world for more than 10 years, and his 2016 challenge took him around the country and back - documenting all of it through the art of beat boxing. 

"I came out a new artist with a new outlook, appreciation, and love for my craft," Stevie wrote in a recap post to his Instagram page. " It was not easy and some days the last thing I wanted to do was to create content but I made a commitment and I pressed record. Every. Single. Day."

Stevie starting beat boxing as a child, using it as away to overcome a serious stuttering problem.

When he would try to speak, funny sounds -- instead of words -- would come out of his mouth.

"It was rough. Kids would make fun of me," Stevie said. "Stuttering is an odd thing; you never see it coming. It just hits. One second you have full control -- the next, you can barely speak."

Stevie was able to take those funny sounds, and turn them into beats and patterns. This ultimately helped him form sentences in an easier way.

The 2016 challenge proved to be a bit more difficult than anticipated, but Stevie is happy he was able to make it happen.

"I tried to be innovative and pushed my creative limits, which I look forward to continue doing. It’s a choice daily. Not necessarily an easy one but a choice and promise to carry through with your goals, new or old."

You can check out the videos from the 2016 challenge on Stevie's Instagram page. Stevie was also recently featured in TBD Mag.

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