As a performer, most people know me for my work in front of the camera. However, what most of them don't know is that for years I have actually been working behind it. Growing up I always admired film as the ultimate art form. Film has a way of unifying so many different creative avenues and that process really intrigued me.

Everyone has their tall tale of how they got into film and mine was through the sound side. As a performer and specifically a beatboxer, I have always depended on the perfect sound mix when performing. I was always obsessed with insuring that my levels were on point. I pushed myself to expand my knowledge and capitalize on my passion for sound. I quickly found myself bringing that same obsession to the film set. Good sound is such an important part of the production process and I wanted to make sure that I got it right every time. After hundreds of projects as an in-field sound mixer and fully being able to understand the entire  scope of production, naturally my creative obsession led me to start helping produce projects while on set.

As I matured in my role I realized how much I loved producing, storytelling, and creating projects by bringing ideas together. From finding the right synergy among crew members to the logistics of gear to the challenges of finding the perfect locations and talent. I love creative problem solving and the challenges that come within it especially if it is figuring it all out on the fly. At Woodward Original, I have produced a handful of really meaningful and important projects over the last few years (See below). I plan to continue producing new content and looking for powerful untold stories to tell. And who knows, I’ll probably end up running sound on it. ;) Anyway, I love collaborating, so, Let’s work


Shamrock 555 The Stephen Luigi Piazza Foundation - 2018
Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day Confessionals - 2018
SHIFT Tech Summit Intro ft. Pretty Lights - 2017
Behind the Curtain, Royal House Recording - 2017
Jena Irene “Unbreakable” Official Video - 2015

Sound Mixer
The Montague Sisters "What Lifts You" - 2017
Eminem's Revival Of The Jordan 4 Encore for StockX - 2017
The Michigan Lottery "Go-to Gifts" - 2017
Boost Up Hyundai "Spend Stronger" Commercial - 2017
A Day with Kay Felder - 2017
'Edi' Founder of Rocket Fiber Film - 2017
Xenith Brand Anthem - 2016
Fathead Bonding at the Ballpark Commercial - 2016
Mark Wahlberg Jack Casino Promo - 2016
StockX Joe Haden Promo - 2016
StockX Webseries w/ Steve Aoki - 2016
StockX Webseries w/ Hassan Minhaj - 2016
StockX Harvey Relief Promo - 2016
Imagine, RTA Campaign - 2016
StockX, The Stock Market of Things, ft. Wale - 2016
Brianna Worden CTF Strength and Honor Awardee - 2015
The Moss Family CTF Strength and Honor Awardee - 2014
Victor Chukwueke CTF Strength and Honor Awardee - 2013
Cleveland Cavaliers - The Franchise (ongoing feature film documentary) 

Associate Producer
Chocolate and Cigarettes Short Film - 2017

Producer & Sound Mixing
Sean Jackson - Making the Complex Simple - 2018
Quicken Loans All Company Meeting Sizzle Videos - 2018
QL Cavs Court of Dreams Experience - 2018
QL Pistons Court of Dreams Experience - 2018
Xenith "The New X" Aired on ESPN2 - 2018
A Drink With - Justin Abdelkader - 2017
Teaqua and Jada CTF Strength and Honor Awardee - 2017
Compuware Two-platform IT Story - 2017
Compuware Next-Gen Development Story - 2017
Rehabbed & Ready Commercial for PBS - 2017
Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day Commercial Brakes - 2017
Quicken Loans “For More Than Profit” - 2017
King Thomas Moore, I’m What’s Next - 2017
Bedrock Hudson Site Impact Video Series - 2017
TBD Mag - The Farmers Hand - 2017
TBD Mag - StockX - 2017
TBD Mag - 1701 Bespoke - 2017
TBD Mag - Carl Nielbock - 2017
TBD Mag - Planet Ant - 2017
Flint Communities First Story - 2016
Darlene Short Film - 2016
Bedrock About Us - 2016
Xenith Factory Series - 2016
Ryan Hudson-Peralta Mini Documentary - 2015

Second Unit Producer
"White Boy" The Legend of White Boy Rick - 2017
Michael Bolton's American Dream: Detroit Doc - 2015