Up All Night Music Video

Stevie Soul is back with his latest audiovisual project: "Up All Night", an RnB beatbox and guitar-driven performance piece. His second release builds upon the aesthetic established with his debut single, "Breathe", while also taking new risks and pushing his voice into a world of neon lights.

Teaming back up with musician Omar Aragones, producer Drew Michael and director David Tappan, the team decided to imbue the video with the theatricality of a live performance. Moody theatrical lighting shifts, long tracking shots, and an incredible view from a rooftop penthouse apartment in the historic Claridge House building near Capitol Park were all used to create a minimalistic, yet mysterious aesthetic. The video was designed as a complement to the track's conflicting emotions of anxiety, regret and gratitude.


Breathe Music Video

Breathe” is a raw and honest portrait of Stevie Soul as a mature artist who sees the world with cynical eyes. Since the release of his last record, Stevie has grown as a musician, learned some of life's tougher lessons, and expanded his creative pursuits into mediums like film. It is only natural that he would use these experiences to fuel his next project as a very different kind of release.

Stevie decided to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of artists such as music producer Omar Aragones and writer/director David Tappan to bring to life "Breathe". Conceptualized as an audiovisual statement which is equal parts audio and visual, "Breathe" is filled with the angst and anxiety of an artist entering his 30's and battling with the feeling that the world is beating you down. The piece is moody and performance-driven, filled with a sense of loss, nostalgia, and dark mystery. Yet it shows how in the face of an overwhelming sense of drowning in the pressures and expectations of society it is possible to find peace. All you have to do is breathe. Just breathe.

The location of the film was just as integral to the meaning behind it. Silvio's pizzeria was once an iconic location from Stevie's youth. Now the garden which used to be a goldmine of handmade sculptures, art, and culture has now fallen apart and been taken over by the elements. This unsettling backdrop played as the perfect texture to set the tone for an artist who is grappling with the death of innocence. The music was written and performed by Stevie Soul and produced by Omar Aragones. The film was produced by Stevie Soul and written/directed by David Tappan.


Live From Books @ Cafe in Amman

Recorded live with Amanda Bloom in 2007


Whatever Lola Wants W/ Ben Sharkey

Our own little take on Sarah Vaughan's version of Jerry Ross and Richard Adler's "Whatever Lola Wants" song from George Abbott's 1955 Broadway musical Damn Yankees.


Detroit Proud // CBS DETROIT

Playing on CW50’s Detroit Proud


Tunde Olaniran - Everyone's Missing (live @ Assemble Sound) 

Tunde's album listening party


 Detroit Youth Volume at Noel Night 2016

Performance with DYV in Midtown Detroit


Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance 2014

W/ Ben Sharkey and Rick Beamon


People Mover

People Mover, a short film capturing 24 local artists, cooks, thinkers and musicians as they came together to showcase Detroit's spirit, performing inside the train one day in April 2011


Live at the Loft

Performance LIVE from Midtown Detroit