Yob 2016, completed [x]

One year ago today, I set out to become a better artist. I challenged myself creatively by recording and publishing a video every single day of 2016. 366 videos later (It was a Leap Year) and after all the ups and downs the year had to offer (pokemon go, Prince’s death, mannequin challenge, hackers, violence, crazy clowns, the election - just to name a few) I came out a new artist with a new outlook, appreciation, and love for my craft.

It was not easy and some days the last thing I wanted to do was to create content but I made a commitment and I pressed record. Every. Single. Day. I tried to be innovative and pushed my creative limits, which I look forward to continue doing. It’s a choice daily. Not necessarily an easy one but a choice and promise to carry through with your goals, new or old. In 2017 I encourage you to start something new or finish something old. After all, today is the perfect day! #yearofbeatbox #resolution #ignorethenegativememes 

-s.soul 1-1-2017