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You walk into a room. You hear a trumpet. You hear drums. Naturally, you think you’re about to look over and see a stage full of instruments. Instead, you see Stevie Soul – Detroit beat boxer, armed with nothing but a microphone…and his incredible talent.

Year Of Beatbox

Beatboxing has been not only a hobby, but a passion of mine for years. As I get older, I’m always looking for new ways to stay dedicated to the art. I’ve always loved giving impromptu performances to a wide range of audiences, but as the world turns digital, those chances have become less and less common. In 2016, I will be posting an Instagram video every day to showcase the craft in different ways. Instagram is the perfect tool to record and test new material – giving people a glimpse into my life. At the end of the year, I’ll mash elements of all the videos together to create a 2016-year end video.

In a digital world, flooded with music discovery, it is important to remember the origins of music and the traditional techniques and styles of how music came to be. Beatboxing is a sometimes forgotten medium that still plays an important role in production in any genre of music in the world today.